Sexy Jess

I had another portrait session today.

One of the models I photographed was Jess.  We decided to do a sexy/sultry theme, and she worked hard, struck some great poses and allowed me to capture pleasing images.

I shot a lot of pictures of Jess, but this one would be one of the stand-out images from the session:

The Look of Lust

The Look of Lust

This look says it all.

I asked Jess to place the tassels in her mouth, along the lines of the rose stem seen in some sexy portrait images.

The angle, the pose, the look in her eyes and the composition all make this image really work for me.

Lighting was provided by a couple of Canon Speedlite 580EX flash units, with the main light at camera right being shot through a softbox, with a shoot-through umbrella for fill from the left.

My portraits tend to be tight head-and-shoulders shots, but I have some wider shots of Jess which I have yet to process and publish.

Published on Saturday, 21st August, 2010.



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