Upcoming Workshops

I have a few workshops coming up in the near future.

The first, this month, is a landscape/seascape workshop conducted by photography mate Kajo Merkert.  I am an experienced seascapes, and my initial thought when Kajo approached me was that I did not need to attend another workshop; but I later thought about it again, and decided to sign up.

While one can be experienced and proficient at some given form of photography, there is always something that can be learned, and it will be interesting to learn about how Kajo approaches seascapes.  There is potential for gains: new ideas, new approaches and new images.

The second workshop that I am attending, later in October, is a portraiture workshop held by Emeritus Professor Des Crawley.  Des has a lot of experience, and given that portraiture is my other main photographic subject of interest, it will be a great opportunity to add Des's knowledge and experience to my own.

So, my advice is to attend workshops whenever the opportunity arises; there is always something to be learned, and it is never wise to stop learning.

Published on Thursday, 9th September, 2010.