Maroubra: Calm yet Wild

Today and tonight I attended the first day of Kajo's seascape workshop.  This is the first of what I gather will be many.

Our location for tonight was Mahon Pool and the surrounding rock shelves at Maroubra.  This is a location I have shot twice before (incidentally, once with Kajo), but I had not been there at twilight.

I fired off many frames, but have so far published two very contrasting images.  The first conveys a sense of serenity, with soft, pastel colours and implicit stillness.

Image: Image: Mahon Twilight

Mahon Twilight

The other image tells a story much closer to the truth.  The sea was big, and the tide was rising.  I spotted numerous large waves, including a few ten-foot dumpers, which naturally resulted in massive splashes and surges.  I got reasonably wet, too.  Here is a glimpse of how tempestuous it was:

Image: Image: Wicked and Wild

Wicked and Wild

So, tonight I produced two very different images, with dramatic contrast in look, feel, action, story and even colour; yet both were shot at the same location within the space of 20 minutes.

I came away with some pleasing images.  Let us see what becomes of dawn tomorrow.

Published on Saturday, 25th September, 2010.