iPhone Alarm Bug during Daylight Savings Time

Wednesday, 6th October, 2010

This week I discovered an annoying problem with the alarm clock built into the iPhone.

Last night I had the alarm set to 6:50pm, but it went off one hour earlier.

This afternoon I tried setting it for a specified time, and discovered it did not go off at the specified time.

I looked around the Web, and found a discussion about the problem.

There seems to be a bug triggered by daylight savings time taking effect.

One post on a forum suggested setting the timezone to Vladivostok, Russia (GMT +11), but I tried this to no avail.

Another post indicated that the problem occurs with recurring alarms.  If the alarm is set to a one-off occurrence, it signals at the correct time.  When I tried this, the alarm went off when it was supposed to do so.

Until Apple fixes the bug, users have two options, both of which are non-optimal:

  1. set recurring alarms to one hour later; or
  2. set one-off alarms every time.

Hopefully this advice will help those who have been bitten by the bug, or who will eventually be bitten by the bug, with disastrous consequences.

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