Semi-Offline for a While

Monday, 11th October, 2010

I will be semi-offline for an unknown period of time.

Tonight after returning from an interstate trip my MacBook Pro decided to lock up during a browser bookmarking activity and it refused to boot after I powered it off.

It sits at the grey screen indefinitely.  I tried repairing the disk, and the disk repair utility told me the disk could not be repaired.  It then stupidly told me to back up my files.  Just how I can do that when the machine will not boot is just too advanced a form of logic for my mind.

Thankfully I have backups of my data.  Anything new in the last week or two at most will have been lost, however.

I am now in the situation of having to take my Mac to Apple for repair; ie, replacement of what appears to be a faulty hard disk.

I do not know when that can happen, how long it will take or what it will cost.  Being a Mac, it will not be cheap, and naturally the machine is out of warranty by several months.

Since my Mac laptop is my actual computer (I do not have a desktop) its state of deadness effectively renders me mostly offline for some unknown period of time.

It means no photos and basically not much activity in any online photographic capacity, which is where much of my online time is spent.

I have an iPhone, so I am not completely offline, but as a surrogate computer it is not at all convenient, and in the time it had taken me to type up to this point, I could have read War and Peace.

Once I get my Mac back, I will have the fun job of installing my software and restoring my data, plus all the fiddling and tweaking that it entails.

Oh, and unless Windows XP can natively read OS X's filesystem format, I will not be able to access the data on my backup disks by using another machine.

Fun times.

Over and out, sort of.

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