Brent Pearson's Off-Camera Flash Workshop

Last Sunday I attended the first session of Brent Pearson's latest workshop, this time covering off-camera flash, and shooting environmental or landscape-based portraits.

Now, I am not new to shooting landscapes, models or using off-camera lighting, but I always like to attend such workshops, as it rounds out my knowledge and experience, and I get the opportunity to mingle with people I have met as well as new people; and I have the potential to come home with some pleasing images.

To my delight, I achieved all of those objectives.

Here are two images from the session.  One features the funky Jackel in her inked glory, and the other features the elegant Chanelle.  The crazy makeup was the work of makeup artist Glitta Supernova.

Image: Image: Saucy Vandal

Saucy Vandal

Image: Image: Star


If you have an interest in off-camera lighting and portraiture and have little or no experience with both, Brent's off-camera flash workshop is well worth attending.  Even for someone seasoned, there is always the opportunity to refine knowledge or think about things differently.

Published on Wednesday, 10th November, 2010.