Simba (2006-2020)

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to Simba, our beloved Seal-Point Siamese cat.

Simba has been a significant part of our lives for many years, and was loved by us, and by everyone who met him.

Here is an image I captured of Simba when he was only two years of age:

Image: Regal Simba

Regal Simba

Siamese cats have been a part of my life since before I was old enough to know what a cat was.

There have only been a few times when I have not had a cat, and right now is one of those bad times.

We were very fortunate, in this very difficult year, to have been working from home for many months, which allowed us much more time with Simba than we would have otherwise had.

We gave Simba a good home and a good life, and he also made our lives far better than they would have been without him.

Here is a more recent image of Simba at the age of 11, sitting under his favourite tree in the garden:

Image: Simba's Domain

Simba's Domain

Simba was a very special cat, with a very big personality.  His loss is huge, and he will forever be missed.

Rest in peace, our Simba (7 June, 2006 - 1 November, 2020).  We will see you again one day.

Published on Monday, 2nd November, 2020.