A New Sense of Direction

For the past few months I had been very much disconnected from photography.

I was not shooting; I was not meeting with like-minded people; and I was not reading or posting much.

Last year I did gain some inspiration, and very recently (only this week) was inspired by the HDR images of one of the members of a photographic forum I frequent.

Consequently I started experimenting with HDR imaging this week, and have had some very pleasing results so far.

After a few shoots and some pleasing imagery, I am convinced I have rediscovered my photographic mojo.  I never felt I lost it; it was just pushed aside for a while, and I knew I would get back into it; it was just a matter of when rather than if.

In the process of so doing, I have found that I have moved away from my usual subject matter of dawn seascapes and portraits of models.

I have a new direction, and my photographic work this year will consist of photographing scenes of Sydney during evening twilight, as well as capturing some of the city's splendid interiors and producing HDR images along the lines of my recent work.

The project is called Blue Sydney.

For now, I am parking seascapes and models.  I have found that I just do not have a strong drive in those areas at the moment, and frankly, over the past three years I have shot a lot of dawn seascapes and plenty of models.  I am not saying goodbye to these subjects altogether, but they will definitely take a back seat to what is currently driving me.

I cannot force myself in a particular direction; I have to wait as long as it takes until something taps me on the shoulder and really makes me take notice.  The new imagery I have created, and am in the process of creating, as well as the broader theme behind it, has done precisely that.  I will go with it until it is time for a change of scenery.

It is a new year, and there is some new photographic direction.  Bring it on.

Published on Friday, 21st January, 2011.



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