Music Production

My online presence is all about my photography and associated adventures, but what some people may not know is that photography is not my only creative pursuit.

Since the 1980s, I have also been a musician, and I play four instruments: guitar, bass guitar, drums and keyboards/synthesisers.  Music has been, and is, as big an interest of mine as photography.

In 2021, I was inspired to explore music production using MIDI sequencing and synthesisers, which was something that I had never really explored before.

I started re-creating my own cover versions of popular synthesiser-based songs by hand-sequencing the various parts of the songs, trying to re-create the original tracks and their sounds and effects as closely as I could.

It has been a very interesting and enjoyable exercise, and in the process of analysing all of the various parts and sounds necessary to re-create a song track by track, I discovered just how much can be going on in what otherwise sounds like a straight-forward piece of music.  There can be a lot of sonic, rhythmic and melodic complexity that can go unnoticed when listening to the song normally.

I have produced quite a few songs now, and have been publishing them over time.  My music videos show the songs playing within the sequencer, and provide a view of how much goes into some of these songs.

My favourite production so far is my cover of the 1985 Mr Mister hit Broken Wings.  It contains lots of various parts, and for the first time since exploring sequencing and production using synthesised sounds, I also recorded live guitar parts.

Here is the result, which gives some insight into what I have been doing when I have not been out photographing the natural and man-made world.

I have several other music videos available, and in time I will publish more songs.

Published on Sunday, 1st May, 2022.