Recce at Soldiers Point

We have come up to the Central Coast of NSW for a short holiday.

Since arriving this afternoon, we have gone to Norah Head Lighthouse, and as I type this, I am sitting on a rock on Soldiers Point, a fantastic rock shelf two minutes south of Norah Head.

I decided to recce this place today with a view to coming back here at dawn tomorrow.

Right now the light is entirely wrong, but I have taken a few snapshots of locations along the point which would make for good seascape images.

It is cloudy and there is a strong south-easterly blowing, but I am hoping that tomorrow's dawn will produce a magical sky.  It is my first foray back into seascaping after a long hiatus and I am hoping that I score.

There are some really great nooks and crannies here, and I cannot wait to come back and shoot it properly.

Published on Tuesday, 27th December, 2011.