Cathedral Rocks... It Rocks!

This morning a couple of seascaping buddies and myself set out for Cathedral Rocks, a stunning patch of coastline off Kiama Downs on the NSW south coast.

The location, which has been on my 'must shoot' list for too long, consists of stunning volcanic rock formations, and its main feature, from which it gets its name, rises out of the water, making a fantastic focal point for seascape images.

The trip down the coast this morning was challenged by rain and very thick fog, but I knew that there would be substantial cloud cover at Cathedral Rocks, which is always a good thing.  A stormy sky is always a pleasure to see, but there is also the chance for some stunning colour to break through as the sun rises.

Here are two of the images I shot this morning.

Image: Image: Dawn at Cathedral Rocks

Dawn at Cathedral Rocks

Image: Image: Cathedral Onslaught

Cathedral Onslaught

More images are to follow.

I thoroughly recommend this location for seascape photographers.  The rocks are rich with texture, and the 'cathedral', surrounded by crashing waves, commands attention.  In strong seas Cathedral Rocks would be an even more spectacular location.

Published on Saturday, 14th January, 2012.



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