The Great Cathedral by the Sea

Since Saturday's rewarding dawn shoot at Cathedral Rocks (about 90 minutes away), I have processed and uploaded two more images.

The most dramatic image from the shoot would have to be this image:

Image: The Great Cathedral by the Sea

The Great Cathedral by the Sea

All of the elements were aligned: the sky was moody, the water was flowing, and the rocks were colourful and texture-laden.

I spent a fair amount of time post-processing this image last night.  I originally ran three of the exposures through Photomatix Pro, but I opted instead for my usual technique of manually blending seascape exposures, and altogether, I preferred my own results.

I may publish a post-processing tutorial on this image at some point, but in the mean time, I am enjoying simply viewing this image.

Cathedral Rocks really is a stunning place to photograph, and I would encourage any seascape within a 200km radius to visit and photograph the place.  It is enjoyable enough to view with one's own eyes alone, but photography was my intent, and the morning's conditions were ripe for dramatic seascape imaging.

Published on Monday, 16th January, 2012.