Snowy Mountains Landscape Photography Trip

Our friend Dave from Brisbane is down for Christmas this year, and early in the new year we are all heading to the Snowy Mountains for a two-day photography trip.

It will be interesting, as I have never been there before, and it will provide the opportunity for some landscape photography.  Most of my 'scape photography is seascapes, so it will be quite different to be standing on dry terrain for a change.

Since returning from Africa, my motivation to shoot has been close to non-existent.  I have only done one photoshoot since, and I was not pleased with the images, so nothing was published.

Wildlife photography was captivating - perhaps it was more the wildlife itself that was captivating.

Hopefully this trip will give my photography a much-needed kick in the pants.  It has been a big year, and my motivation for photography has swung like a pendulum.  Perhaps this trip will bring about some inspiration and motivation.

Soon we are heading to Israel, so the images I will shoot there will be quite different, as indeed the terrain is very different.  I will be concentrating on architectural photography, but may also get a few landscape sessions happening, too.

Published on Friday, 28th December, 2012.



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