GoPro HERO3 on the Way

Yesterday I ordered a GoPro HERO3 Black Edition camera.

GoPro cameras have in recent times become quite popular, especially when it comes to adventure activities.

My first experience with a GoPro camera was in May of 2012 when Xenedette and I went hang gliding.  GoPro cameras were mounted on one side of the gliders' wing, which provided a unique aerial view of our flights.

I have been pondering adding one of these to my rig for a while, but finally took the plunge yesterday.

The biggest challenge I had was finding a use for it, as I am not actively involved in any adventure activities in which it would be useful.

However, I was recently competing in yachting races, and one of our crew brought an earlier model, which we mounted in front of the mast.  We recorded over 90 minutes of sailing, with still images being captured every five seconds.  I composited over 1,100 images into a time-lapse video, condensing 90 minutes of sailing into a three-minute video.

Next time, I am keen to mount a few GoPro cameras in various positions on the yacht, and record multi-angle video footage in high definition.

The other use I have in mine for my GoPro is our next African safari.  We are looking at returning in 2014, and I would like to mount a few GoPro cameras on the outside of the 4WD so that I can record unique ground-level footage of lions, leopards and other wildlife.

On our last trip, a leopardess walked around the rear and beside our vehicle, and was only perhaps two metres away.  To have recorded her from a low angle would have been superb.

I am sure that as I experiment, will find more uses for these fantastic cameras, and it also provides the benefit of arming me with a dedicated video camera I can use to record behind-the-scenes footage when I am shooting with my DSLR.

Published on Saturday, 23rd March, 2013.