GoPro HERO3 Black Edition Arrived

As I related in a previous post, I ordered a GoPro HERO3 Black Edition camera last week.

I was delighted to receive it on Tuesday morning.  However, I needed some more gear; namely, flash cards and a few mounting accessories.

On Wedneday night I ordered a suction cup mount, bike handlebar/seatpost mount, quarter-inch tripod mount, and two 32GB microSD flash cards.  I would have ordered 64GB cards, but I have heard numerous cases of people experiencing card failures when combining the 64GB cards with the GoPro cameras, so I opted to avoid that problem.

According to the camera, on a 32GB card, it can record two hours and 15 minutes of video footage at 1,080p resolution.  I have not played around with the higher resolutions yet (the camera can record video at 4Kp resolution), but for my uses, I am sure 32GB cards will be fine.

Last night I spent some time playing with the camera.  While the Black Edition has a WiFi remote control (with which I have not yet experimented), it is also possible to control the camera via WiFi with an iPhone/iPad app, and having played with that, it is much more intuitive and convenient than using the camera's on-board controls.  I will play with the WiFi remote control, though, as that could be more useful in some situations.  At least I have four ways of controlling the camera.

During my experimentation last night, I mounted the camera on one of my drum kits and recorded myself playing.  I did not realise until after the recording that the water-proof housing with which the camera comes, tends to detrimentally affect the camera's ability to record sound.  How surprising!

I have a few ideas for the use of my new GoPro camera; specifically, I want to mount it:

  • on my firearms to record a pistol's-eye view during shooting;
  • on my guitars and drums for unique, interesting angles;
  • on the outside of the car, low to the ground, for some curvey driving through the leafy national park;
  • on the yacht the next time we go sailing (I would actually like to mount a few cameras at strategic places on the yacht — including the boom — in order to record multi-angle, simultaneous footage);
  • on my road bike (push-bike, that is);
  • on or near my tripod during a dawn seascape shoot to record myself in action, as well as what I am shooting, from the tripod's perspective;
  • on the outside of the open-top 4WD on our next African trip (we had a leopardess walking two metres from the vehicle during the first trip, and to have landed footage from her height would have been awesome);
  • on the gondola of the London Eye when we take a ride on that next month;
  • on my tennis racquet for a unique angle of a serve or backhand drive; and
  • on a hang glider or on myself the next time we go hang gliding or skydiving.

Xenedette actually came up with the idea of mounting the camera on my guitars, so full credit to her for that brilliant notion.  I have seen cameras mounted on guitars before, but not GoPro cameras.

I am sure there are endless possibilities.  It is going to be fun seeing what I can do with this fantastic camera, and landing some footage that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to obtain.

I am also very interested in the array of excellent mounting options that can be combined with GoPro cameras (or even DSLRs, compacts, iPhones, etc.).  Such options of appeal to me include camera dollies, quadcopters for unique, aerial footage; and gimbal mounts (ie, Steadicam-style devices).

Fun times ahead.

Published on Saturday, 6th April, 2013.