Ely Cathedral from the Outside

Saturday, 18th May, 2013

Ahead of our recent London trip, I knew we would be visiting the city of Ely in Cambridgeshire, which is not far from the home of a friend of mine, whom we had planned to visit, and with whom we had a great day.

I was very much hoping to photograph the interior of the cathedral, and fortunately I had the opportunity, as well as the approval of the staff.  Photography inside some cathedrals - such as St Paul's in London and St Mary's in Sydney - is specifically prohibited.

While I captured a series of images of the stunning interior of this 11th-13th century cathedral, I also - quite unusually - captured an exterior shot before venturing inside.

Here is the result:

Ely Cathedral

Ely Cathedral

I positioned my camera quite close, and pointed upwards, resulting in the exaggerated perspective distortion.  A tilt/shift lens would have been ideal, but alas, I still do not have one of those.  One of these days...

Ely Cathedral is definitely worth a visit, and it is only a little over an hour away from London by train.

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