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Rainy Riverside

On our first night in London for a long time, we headed to Tower Bridge, where I had intended to shoot the bridge in the royal blue twilight light. The weather had other ideas.  As the darkness crept in, so did the rain, and it drizzled relentlessly as we cowered under the barely-adequate shelter outside... [more]

High Altar of Ely Cathedral

This is the last image from my series of images depicting the ornate Ely Cathedral in Cambridgeshire, England. Featured in this image is the high altar. We spent a wet, gloomy afternoon inside the cathedral, where the very elaborate architecture was a pleasure both to view with one's own eyes, as well as photograph. I... [more]

Great Hall of the Natural History Museum

One of the interior scenes I wanted to shoot on our recent trip to London was the Great Hall of the Natural History Museum. It is one of those iconic interiors, and certainly appealed to me for both its architectural beauty and its photographic potential. Knowing that tripods are not allowed in the Natural History... [more]

The Octagon

A view of the magnificent interior of Ely Cathedral in Cambridgeshire, with its distinctive central octagonal lantern tower (colloquially known as 'The Octagon'). We spent a wet, grey afternoon inside Ely Cathedral, where I captured a series of images of this very ornate 11th-13th century cathedral... [more]

Ely Cathedral from the Outside

Ahead of our recent London trip, I knew we would be visiting the city of Ely in Cambridgeshire, which is not far from the home of a friend of mine, whom we had planned to visit, and with whom we had a great day. I was very much hoping to photograph the interior of the... [more]

London Blues

An image of the London Houses of Parliament, Elizabeth Tower, the Westminster Bridge and the River Thames was on my list of quintessential London scenes to capture during our fleeting five-day visit. On the first night, it was wet and miserable, and my efforts down at Tower Bridge were not as pleasing as I had... [more]

After 9pm on a Rainy London Night

This image of London's famous clock tower - colloquially and incorrectly called 'Big Ben', but in actuality now called Elizabeth Tower - is one of a series of images I shot of the Houses of Parliament in Westminster on our last night in London on this trip. This image is something of a 'labour of love'... [more]

The Organ and the Nave of Ely Cathedral

This is another view of the magnificent interior of Ely Cathedral in Cambridgeshire, England. In this view, the beautiful organ and ornate architecture of the ceiling of the nave can be seen, right down to the stained glass windows beyond the high altar. Ely Cathedral, which was built from 1083 to 1375, is well worth... [more]