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Instagram Presence

The image-driven social networking site Instagram has been on my mind for a while, and I have been mentally debating with myself whether to establish a presence there. I always saw it as a site for mostly non-photographers to instantly publish random images of anything and everything, captured on the move with a mobile phone-based... [more]

Image Statistics

For quite some time, I have been wanting to gather the EXIF data from all of my published images, and produce some statistics on various criteria such as exposure settings and equipment used. During a recent period of renewed creative energy in the form of computer programming rather than photography, over the past month I finally... [more]

500px: Amusing Alignment

One of the photographic image hosting/gallery sites on which I participate is 500px. I tend to browse through the 'Popular' image pages on a regular basis.  These pages show previews of 20 of the most popular images, ranked in order of popularity. Tonight I discovered a rather amusing alignment of two separate images by two... [more]

Long-Overdue Memory Upgrade

I have just performed a long-overdue RAM upgrade on my mid-2009 MacBook Pro 17". When I ordered it in mid-2009, I ordered it equipped with 4GB of RAM (2 x 2GB DIMMs).  At the time, equipping it with its maximum of 8GB was considerably expensive. Three and a half years later, I have doubled my... [more]

Sanity-Saving Tips for Mac OS X Upgrades

On the past two occasions on which I have upgraded my Mac's operating system to the latest release, I have encountered show-stopping problems after the upgrade. When upgrading from OS X 10.7.2 to 10.7.3, upon rebooting and logging in, the menu bar, buttons and other user interface elements were graphically messed up with 'test pattern'-like... [more]

Back Online with a New Hard Disk

After my recent hard disk woes, my computer is back online. Yesterday I booked an appointment with the Apple Genius Bar and took my machine there.  I explained to the rep the system freeze I had experienced during an innocuous operation, and that during my diagnosis the disk repair utility decided it could not repair... [more]

Semi-Offline for a While

I will be semi-offline for an unknown period of time. Tonight after returning from an interstate trip my MacBook Pro decided to lock up during a browser bookmarking activity and it refused to boot after I powered it off. It sits at the grey screen indefinitely.  I tried repairing the disk, and the disk repair... [more]

iPhone Alarm Bug during Daylight Savings Time

This week I discovered an annoying problem with the alarm clock built into the iPhone. Last night I had the alarm set to 6:50pm, but it went off one hour earlier. This afternoon I tried setting it for a specified time, and discovered it did not go off at the specified time. I looked around... [more]