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The Mountains of Ein Gedi

During our two-day adventure around the Dead Sea in Israel, this is one of the few moments during which we had relatively clear skies. Route 90 heading south from Ein Gedi to Eilat was flooded due to very unusual torrential rainstorms that have been plaguing Israel for the past five days. At this location not [ read more ]

The Dead Sea

We have just spent two days around the Dead Sea in the southern part of Israel. For the past four or five days, Israel has been subject to many storms and downpours of torrential rain, which has caused extensive flooding. This morning we got to see a very rare event: flooding in the desert. Our [ read more ]

Snowy Mountains by Night

Dave, Lea, Xenedette and myself headed away to the Snowy Mountains of NSW for a two-day sojourn and photography expedition. Having visited Charlotte Pass and nearby Spencers Creek on the first day, we decided to return later in the evening for some starfield photography by the creek. It was exceedingly dark, and very difficult to [ read more ]

Snowy Mountains Landscape Photography Trip

Our friend Dave from Brisbane is down for Christmas this year, and early in the new year we are all heading to the Snowy Mountains for a two-day photography trip. It will be interesting, as I have never been there before, and it will provide the opportunity for some landscape photography.  Most of my 'scape [ read more ]

More Photographic Highlights from Motswari

During our time in South Africa, and in the Motswari Private Game Reserve in particular, I shot so many images, and even now, barely over two months since we were there, I am still processing and uploading images. While I have detailed our adventures in the Timbavati here on this blog, in some cases I [ read more ]

Africa: Day 4 - The Big Five in One Drive

By day four of our time in Africa, and day three of our safari in the Motswari Private Game Reserve in greater Kruger Park, the motions of waking before 5am, driving in the bushveld for three hours, coming back for breakfast, a rest, lunch and then going out for another game drive from 3:30pm until [ read more ]