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Portrait Session with Anabelle

Friday, 11th August, 2017

It has been a few years since I shot any portraits, and in recent months, the desire to shoot some more portraiture came back to me. A friend of mine has a very photogenic daughter, Anabelle, who I thought would make a great subject. In terms of location and conditions, I want to photograph her [ read more ]


Sunday, 5th January, 2014

Here is a still life image I shot back in 2008, but which I only published recently: This was from a series of wine glass images I captured.  At the time I only published one image, but I liked the drama and contrast in this different version of the same subject. The lighting setup was [ read more ]

Photographing Guitars is Difficult

Sunday, 14th July, 2013

Photographing guitars is difficult, as I discovered during a frustrating, but ultimately fruitful excercise in photographing one of my guitars today. Why are guitars difficult to photograph? Well, they make great subjects, and are rich with beautiful colours, patterns and details; but many of them are highly reflective, which makes lighting them, or capturing them [ read more ]

Macro Experimentation: Focus Stacking

Saturday, 1st June, 2013

It has been a while since I shot a macro image. Photo macrography is a form of photography which has traditionally frustrated me, because it is very challenging in terms of depth of field. My past efforts have produced images where focus is very selective, and with a 180mm macro lens at minimum focus distance, it [ read more ]

Xenedette's African Wildlife Photography Début

Sunday, 16th December, 2012

We have been back from Africa for over two months now, but it has taken a while for Xenedette to get around to working with her images. With a little help today, Xenedette has made her African wildlife photography début on 500px, with the upload of her first image - a stunning portrait of Makepisi male [ read more ]