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How Large is the Moon in a Photograph?

During the early morning of Saturday, 28 July, 2018, a special celestial event was to occur: a total lunar eclipse, resulting in a red moon - one like this: I captured this particular red moon on 28 August, 2007.  Incidentally, it was the first and last red moon I captured! For the most recent total lunar eclipse, I planned to rise early... [more]

Guest Speaker at a Camera Club v3.0

Last year, a good friend of mine, who runs a growing camera club, asked me if I would return for the third occasion as a guest speaker. I had the honour and privilege of presenting an audio-visual show and talk about light and composition in September of 2017, and in February of 2016, I presented... [more]

Guest Speaker at Photography Club

A few months ago, a good friend of mine, who I had met years ago in the camera club scene, and who now runs a small but rapidly growing photography club, invited me back to his club as a guest speaker to deliver a presentation at the September meeting. Last year I had presented at... [more]

Writing for Australian Photography Magazine

As I related in my previous update, I was fortunate to have one of my seascape images selected for the September, 2011 cover of Australian Photography magazine. What I did not mention is that there was something else in the making with regard to the magazine. One day in August I received a call from... [more]

A New Sense of Direction

For the past few months I had been very much disconnected from photography. I was not shooting; I was not meeting with like-minded people; and I was not reading or posting much. Last year I did gain some inspiration, and very recently (only this week) was inspired by the HDR images of one of the... [more]

Annie Leibovitz at the Museum of Contemporary Art

Tomorrow we are heading into town to see the Annie Leibovitz exhibition at the at the Museum of Contemporary Art. It is a good opportunity to see the work of this famous photographer, and is priced quite affordably. Afterwards we may toodle over to the Powerhouse Museum for the 1980s exhibition.  It is slightly frightening... [more]

Temporary Hiatus

Of late I have found that I have not had much inspiration for, or interest in, photography. I have not shot much, I have not published much, and I have not written much, either here or on a photography forum I frequent. I am not feeling inspired to even read the forum or some unread... [more]

First Timer at Motorsport Photography

Today I took a very significant deviation from my photographic subject matter interest and photographed motorsport. Back in July a good friend of mine invited me along to photograph the iRace Round 7 meet at Eastern Creek International Raceway. Now, I am not particularly interested in sports, know practically nothing about motorsport and have no... [more]