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Temporary Hiatus

Of late I have found that I have not had much inspiration for, or interest in, photography. I have not shot much, I have not published much, and I have not written much, either here or on a photography forum I frequent. I am not feeling inspired to even read the forum or some unread... [more]

First Timer at Motorsport Photography

Today I took a very significant deviation from my photographic subject matter interest and photographed motorsport. Back in July a good friend of mine invited me along to photograph the iRace Round 7 meet at Eastern Creek International Raceway. Now, I am not particularly interested in sports, know practically nothing about motorsport and have no... [more]

Getting Back into Band Photography

I was engaged recently to do a promotional photoshoot for Sydney band The Rubber Band (of which I was originally a member when it was starting, and in which I played a fill-in role on drums earlier this year). I am also a musician, have been playing for 25 years, and last year retired from... [more]