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The 50mm Focal Length: Boring

For years I have held a strong distain for the 50mm focal length. Inexplicably, I hitherto had never ranted about it here. To me, 50mm is an utterly useless and boring focal length, and I do not quite understand why so many people bother with it. On the 35mm camera system, 50mm is considered a 'standard'... [more]

Images Are Not Free, People!

Over the years, I have received numerous requests to use my images in publications. This morning I received another. As usual, the person wanted the image for zero cost, offering only to provide credit if I waived my fee. Naturally, I declined. I really wish the general public would divorce itself of the notion that... [more]

Photographic Mojo MIA

I have come to the realisation that my photographic mojo is missing in action. During the past six to eight months, I have not spent a lot of time in the field. The notable exception was our huge African trip last October, where wildlife photography - quite a deviation from my usual subject matter ... [more]


Many photographers would have heard of 500px, a relatively new image hosting site, which focuses on high-quality work.  The site has existed since 2009, but has only become very popular in the last year or two. The idea of 500px is that photographers upload their best work rather than use it as a generic dumping... [more]

Time Changes Perspective

Often when reviewing images upon my return from a photography session, I have a clear idea of which images are the winners that will be processed and published, and which will be skipped. However, I have found - especially after one recent photoshoot - that some time away from one's images can change one's perspective... [more]

Photographic Purgery

I have just been purging - that is, the culling of no-longer-desirable photographic images from my gallery, not the more serious meaning of the word. This morning when looking through my gallery, I saw some older images of mine, and started to think about culling them. It can be quite difficult to look back on... [more]

To Shoot or Not to Shoot

I headed out for a dawn seascape shoot this morning, and to my disappointment, the conditions were appalling. The sky was mostly plain, with the fairly typical annoying clump of dark cloud right on the horizon.  The very few patches of good cloud were mostly in the wrong places. The conditions, apart from being utterly... [more]

Some Thoughts on HDR Imaging

The concept of HDR (high dynamic range) imaging is something that either elicits glee or horror. Over the last few years, thanks to software such as Photomatix Pro, it has been possible to automatically produce composite images using bracketed exposures in order to bring out rich detail which is impossible for a camera to capture... [more]