Articles - Post-Processing

Mount Mee Re-Visited

Sunday, 8th May, 2011

In January of this year I started experimenting with HDR (high dynamic range) imaging, and had very pleasing results, to the point where I have since been shooting most of my images with a specific view to producing HDR composites. Post-processing is a constantly evolving process, whereby one learns new and in some cases better [ read more ]

Darling Harbour by Twilight

Thursday, 20th January, 2011

Last night I had plans for some twilight photography. This is one of the images that I shot: This image has been given HDR treatment with Photomatix Pro, with four exposures used to composite the HDR image.   Post-processing included: increasing overall exposure; manually blending parts of the lightest exposure into certain parts of the [ read more ]

Queen Victoria Building Interior - HDR

Tuesday, 18th January, 2011

In my previous article I discussed how I was inspired to experiment with HDR imaging. Since that article, I have bought a Photomatix Pro licence and produced my first HDR image from a series of seven bracketed images I shot of the same scene inside Sydney's Queen Victoria Building early this morning. The images are [ read more ]

Experimenting with HDR Imaging

Tuesday, 18th January, 2011

I recently saw some fantastic images of the interior of a cathedral, which had been given HDR (high dynamic range) processing in Photomatix, and which exhibited fantastic, realistic detail, tones and colours. HDR imaging has a rather bad reputation in photography circles due to the tendency for many people to completely overcook images, which results [ read more ]

Black and White Rules for Portraits, Okay?

Friday, 10th September, 2010

I have done a few model shoots lately (and I have one tomorrow with the lovely Sarah). During my processing of the images from a few recent sessions, I have found that I have gone for high-contrast black and white treatment. I think black and white really works well for portraits.  Sometimes colour can be [ read more ]