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Post-Processing Tutorial: "The Narrabeen Gorge"

Wednesday, 25th August, 2010

In July I headed to Narrabeen for a Sunday dawn shoot. Narrabeen and nearby Turimetta is a location that I have photographed a few times before, but on this day the sky was moody. One of my stand-out captures of the morning is The Narrabeen Gorge.  Here it is: On this particular morning the conditions [ read more ]

The Making of "Fire or Flood?"

Wednesday, 4th August, 2010

In November of 2009 I attended the first of Brent Pearson's light painting workshops, which consisted of an afternoon of theory, followed by an evening of creative light painting landscape photography. Fire or Flood? was my image of the night, created as a result of a collaborative effort at the capture phase.  Here it is [ read more ]

What Goes into my Seascapes

Saturday, 17th July, 2010

I have lately received some very big compliments about my seascapes from people on the Internet, some of whom have expressed their desire or dream to be able to do what I do. It got me thinking. While it is incredibly humbling and satisfying to receive such nice, genuine compliments, what I do is not [ read more ]

Post-Processing Tutorial: "Only the Lonely"

Sunday, 4th July, 2010

Earlier this year I created Only the Lonely. When I posted this image on a photography forum, someone asked about my post-processing.  I decided to post a complete walk-through of my post-processing workflow for this image. It is always good to learn from others, and many are curious about the processing that goes into images [ read more ]

Post-Processing Tutorial: "Southern Mist"

Wednesday, 23rd June, 2010

In May I photographed and published my image Southern Mist. With the post-processing of this image, I decided to do two things: apply more aggressive, dark and moody post-processing; and use curves for most of my post-processing. In this post I am going to take you, step-by-step, through everything I did to produce the final [ read more ]