Articles - Still Life

The Making of "Riedel"

Wednesday, 29th September, 2010

A couple of years ago I created a simple still life image, which I still enjoy viewing. The image is titled Riedel.  Here it is: As simple as the image appears, so, too, was the work that went into creating it.  It is surprisingly straight-forward. The image consists of four Riedel wine glasses. I photographed [ read more ]

The Making of "Drinking Problem"

Thursday, 15th July, 2010

Some time after I created my image Wine is a Primary Industry, I set out to create a new image, also exploring the theme of liquid in wine glasses, but this time with something more. The result was Drinking Problem. This image took me over three hours to create, as a fair bit of setup [ read more ]

The Making of "Wine is a Primary Industry"

Saturday, 26th June, 2010

On Christmas Eve of 2008 I was inspired to create an image. I produced Wine is a Primary Industry. I knew some time prior that I wanted to create this type of shot.  I saw some incredible images along this line, created by another Flickr photographer.  This inspired me to actually do it.  I had [ read more ]