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Abundance of Wildlife in Africa

Monday, 2nd May, 2022

As we have recently booked a trip back to Africa - something that we wish to do as often as possible - we have started to get into 'the zone', which has resulted in us watching movies about or set in  Africa, as well as African wildlife documentaries. While watching one documentary over the weekend [ read more ]

Returning to South Africa in 2022

Saturday, 23rd April, 2022

It has been a while in the making, but I am pleased to announce that we are returning to South Africa in 2022 for another wildlife photographic safari. This year marks ten years since our first trip to Africa - a trip which profoundly changed our lives and made us want to go back to [ read more ]

Revisiting our 2019 Kenya Trip

Thursday, 22nd July, 2021

Yesterday I decided to start looking back through the many thousands of images I captured during our most recent trip to Kenya in 2019. It has now been over two years since that wonderful trip, and sometimes, in the excitement of the 'now', it is easy to overlook images that should have published. Additionally, the [ read more ]

Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year 2021

Thursday, 7th January, 2021

With the new year having arrived, the Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year 2021 competition has been launched. I entered last year's competition, and to my surprise, one of my images made it to the top 101 of the 37,853 entries, which was quite an achievement for me, and one I did not expect. I have [ read more ]

Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year 2020: End of the Road

Sunday, 28th June, 2020

In my last update about the Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year 2020 competition, I related my experience of having one of my images selected from the Top 101. Unfortunately, that was the end of the road for me, for this year at least, as my image did not make it into the final selection [ read more ]