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Lurline Bay Cascade

This morning, Xenedette, Peter, Jo and I headed to Lurline Bay. This was my first seascape shoot since December, and my first dawn shoot since September.  I had been taking a long break from dawns and seascapes, but felt like venturing out again this weekend. Here is one of three or four compositions on which [ read more ]

Mount Mee Re-Visited

In January of this year I started experimenting with HDR (high dynamic range) imaging, and had very pleasing results, to the point where I have since been shooting most of my images with a specific view to producing HDR composites. Post-processing is a constantly evolving process, whereby one learns new and in some cases better [ read more ]

Rothbury Countryside

Xenedette and I headed to the Hunter Valley for the 2011 Easter and ANZAC Day long weekend, and while it was not a photographically productive weekend, I did manage to snap a shot or two. This view looks along part of the 300-acre property on which we stayed at Rothbury [ read more ]

Summer Sunset over Long Reef

Until this week I had not shot a seascape (or much of anything) for quite a few months. I have been on a hiatus of sorts, and generally disinterested in photographing or being involved with much concerning photography. On Wednesday night I took Brisbanite Dave to Long Reef, a location on Sydney's Northern Beaches which [ read more ]

Lonely Path

I took Dave for a dusk seascape shoot at Long Reef yesterday evening (my first seascape shoot in many months), and while we captured some pleasing images of a beautiful sunset on the reef (more images to come later), it was on our way back up the headland that I spotted a scene, combined with [ read more ]

Storm Cell over Manly

We went over to Manly on Sunday afternoon (19 December, 2010) for a social gathering when a very dramatic storm system blew over from the west. Here is how it appeared from my vantage point: Please forgive my lack of dynamic composition, style or execution with this image; I was not there for landscape photography [ read more ]