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Post-Processing Tutorial: "The Narrabeen Gorge"

In July I headed to Narrabeen for a Sunday dawn shoot. Narrabeen and nearby Turimetta is a location I have photographed a few times before, but on this day the sky was moody. One of my stand-out captures of the morning is The Narrabeen Gorge.  Here it is: On this particular morning the conditions were [ read more ]

Cloud Cover Prediction Tool

I picked up a real gem from Brent's blog last weekend. He has learned of a Web-based tool called SkippySky Astro-Weather Forecast, which shows a visual map of cloud cover, including percentages, with breakdown of cloud cover (ie, high, middle, low and total). This tool might prove very handy for seascape/landscape photographers who, like myself [ read more ]

A Nice Morning in the Gong

A few of my seascaping mates and I headed down to Wollongong Harbour at dawn this morning for a seascape shoot. The forecast was for periodic showers, and driving down in the dark, I experienced downpours and the occasional flash of lightning. I looked at the sky, and was delighted to see clear patches here [ read more ]

Finally, a Good Sky

I headed out to Narrabeen and Turimetta for a dawn seascape with a group of friends from AusPhotography, and finally was greeted with a good sky. Of the numerous dawn shoots I have done this year, this is the fourth good sky I have seen.  It has been a struggle, and immensely frustrating at that [ read more ]