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Summer Sunset over Long Reef

Until this week I had not shot a seascape (or much of anything) for quite a few months.  I have been on a hiatus of sorts, and generally disinterested in photographing or being involved with much concerning photography.  On Wednesday night I took Brisbanite Dave to Long Reef, a location on Sydney's Northern Beaches which [ continue reading ]

Lonely Path

I took Dave for a dusk seascape shoot at Long Reef yesterday evening (my first seascape shoot in many months), and while we captured some pleasing images of a beautiful sunset on the reef (more images to come later), it was on our way back up the headland that I spotted a scene, combined with [ continue reading ]

Maroubra: Calm yet Wild

Today and tonight I attended the first day of Kajo's seascape workshop.  This is the first of what I gather will be many.  Our location for tonight was Mahon Pool and the surrounding rock shelves at Maroubra.  This is a location I have shot twice before (incidentally, once with Kajo), but I had not been [ continue reading ]

A Familiar Jetty Re-Visited

I felt like a dusk shoot tonight, and knowing that the tide would be high at the time I wanted to shoot, I headed to a jetty I have photographed a few times before.  I had never been there at twilight, nor been there when the tide was high; but this is definitely a location [ continue reading ]

Camp Cove Twilight

Most of my outdoor landscape/seascape photography takes place around dawn.  Tonight I broke with tradition and shot at dusk.  Sure, I am still incredibly fussy about light and tend to avoid the bright, glary stuff which is present for most daylight hours, but dusk produces some pleasing results and is much easier on the system [ continue reading ]