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2015 Retrospective: Intense and Focused

Now that we are well into the year 2016, it is time for a retrospective look at my photographic journey in 2015. The year can be summarised as intense and focused, as the majority of images I captured during 2015 were in the Mara North Conservancy and Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, where we embarked upon an incredible seven-day safari with our friend and safari leader Mario [ read more ]

2014 Retrospective: Low-Output Year, but Such is Life

While we are not quite done with the year 2014 yet, it is close enough to publish a retrospective of the year from a photographic perspective. Firstly, it was my most low-output year on record; but with other commitments and interests, and a waning interest in photography, I can live with that. I only published [ read more ]

Valentine Rose

On Valentine's Day of 2014, I bought some roses for Xenedette. I rarely shoot flowers or macro images, so I have shot an image combining both. I wanted some dramatic side lighting, and I wanted to highlight water droplets on the rich red petals, so I used my trusty LED headlamp in a darkened room [ read more ]

More Macro: Canna Colour

Today I attended a macro photography workshop and practical shooting session hosted by Timothy Poulton. After a morning disussing gear and techniques, we all headed out for lunch and a few drinks, followed by a shoot in the Royal Botanic Gardens, where we looked for insects and other interesting subjects to photograph. I am still [ read more ]

Happy Anniversary, Baby

Our anniversary day was last week, and I bought a bunch of roses for Xenedette as a surprise. Last weekend I decided that I might shoot a macro image of the petals of one of the roses. I decided to shoot in natural light, and sprayed the petals with a water gun to produce the [ read more ]

A Massive (but Slight) Deviation

This afternoon I did something photographically far removed from my style and subject matter interests. Here is the result: A couple of key points: I rarely shoot macro images; and I do not photograph flowers. Yet, I photographed a flower with a macro lens.  That goes completely against 'the rules'. So, why did I shoot [ read more ]