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2014 Retrospective: Low-Output Year, but Such is Life

While we are not quite done with the year 2014 yet, it is close enough to publish a retrospective of the year from a photographic perspective.  Firstly, it was my most low-output year on record; but with other commitments and interests, and a waning interest in photography, I can live with that.  I only published [ continue reading ]

Away with David and Clare Oliver

Last weekend I ventured off to the Hunter Valley to attend a portrait and landscape workshop hosted by David Oliver, GM Photog., and his daughter Clare — the creative father-daughter team behind David Oliver Photography.  The two-day workshop consisted of two portraiture sessions using natural light, an afternoon landscape shoot, an early-morning aerial landscape shoot and [ continue reading ]

Sign of the Times: Erosion of Photographic Freedom

While poking around on the Web this morning, I stumbled across a letter Emeritus Professor Des Crawley wrote in response to a personal story Port Macquarie photographer and APS member Rob Smith related on his Web site about the time a police officer confronted him as he was photographing people (including children) in a public [ continue reading ]