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Finally, a Good Sky

I headed out to Narrabeen and Turimetta for a dawn seascape with a group of friends from AusPhotography, and finally was greeted with a good sky. Of the numerous dawn shoots I have done this year, this is the fourth good sky I have seen.  It has been a struggle, and immensely frustrating at that [ read more ]

Post-Processing Tutorial: "Only the Lonely"

Earlier this year I created Only the Lonely. When I posted this image on a photography forum someone asked about my post-processing.  I decided to post a complete walk-through of my post-processing workflow for this image. It is always good to learn from others, and many are curious about the processing that goes into images [ read more ]

Photography Workshops in Sydney

I thought I would give some plugs to some photographer friends of mine who run excellent photography workshops covering both the theory and practice of great photography. The first is Brent Pearson, who has developed and run a series of successful seascape and night light painting workshops. I attended the first workshops Brent ran on both [ read more ]

Post-Processing Tutorial: "Southern Mist"

In May I photographed and published my image Southern Mist. With the processing of this image, I decided to do two things: apply more aggressive, dark and moody post-processing; and use curves for most of my post-processing. In this post I am going to take you, step-by-step, through everything I did to produce the final [ read more ]

Got a Nice Image? Print it!

I have never been one to indulge in photographic prints, but I have captured two seascapes this year which I count amongst my best work, and which I really wanted to hang on my walls. I have a somewhat dated (but still very capable) Epson Photo Stylus R210 photographic ink-jet printer (I bought it in [ read more ]

Tips for Safe Seascape Photography

In light of the recent rock fishing-related deaths and my own potentially dangerous encounter with the ocean at Kiama not long ago, I felt the desire to compile and post some tips for safe seascape photography. Now, admittedly I do not practice all that I am about to preach, but my experience has prompted some [ read more ]