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A Familiar Jetty Re-Visited

I felt like a dusk shoot tonight, and knowing that the tide would be high at the time I wanted to shoot, I headed to a jetty I have photographed a few times before. I had never been there at twilight, nor been there when the tide was high; but this is definitely a location [ read more ]

Kiama Dawn of Death

On 16/05/2010 my photography mate Peter and I headed down to Kiama for some dawn seascape photography. Beyond the famous Kiama blow hole is a basalt rock headland extending a fair way out and affording some spectacular views from a reasonably high distance from the water. The conditions that morning were somewhat deceptive. That weekend [ read more ]

Solid Gold

This morning I took some friends from my camera club to Turimetta on Sydney's northern beaches.  Some had not shot seascapes (or shot them much), so were keen to try upon my offer. Unfortunately my wish for a good sky this morning yet again did not come true; the sky was plain and very bright [ read more ]

Post-Processing Tutorial: "The Narrabeen Gorge"

In July I headed to Narrabeen for a Sunday dawn shoot. Narrabeen and nearby Turimetta is a location I have photographed a few times before, but on this day the sky was moody. One of my stand-out captures of the morning is The Narrabeen Gorge.  Here it is: On this particular morning the conditions were [ read more ]

Camp Cove Twilight

Most of my outdoor landscape/seascape photography takes place around dawn. Tonight I broke with tradition and shot at dusk.  Sure, I am still incredibly fussy about light and tend to avoid the bright, glary stuff which is present for most daylight hours, but dusk produces some pleasing results and is much easier on the system [ read more ]

A Nice Morning in the Gong

A few of my seascaping mates and I headed down to Wollongong Harbour at dawn this morning for a seascape shoot. The forecast was for periodic showers, and driving down in the dark, I experienced downpours and the occasional flash of lightning. I looked at the sky, and was delighted to see clear patches here [ read more ]