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Off-Camera Flash Environmental Portraiture Workshop

Brent Pearson has just recently announced a new workshop he has developed, which teaches landscape/seascape photographers how to bring human subjects into scenic images for environmental portraits or concept shots. The first is scheduled for early November, but due to high demand it is looking like he is already needing to get a second session [ read more ]

Upcoming Workshops

I have a few workshops coming up in the near future. The first, this month, is a landscape/seascape workshop conducted by photography mate Kajo Merkert.  I am an experienced seascapes, and my initial thought when Kajo approached me was that I did not need to attend another workshop; but I later thought about it again [ read more ]

Landscape Workshops by Kajo Merkert

Kajo Merkert, a photography mate of mine and fantastic seascape photographer, has embarked upon providing intensive landscape/seascape photography workshops in Sydney. Kajo's first workshop is scheduled for September, 2010.  He will announce dates shortly, so keep an eye on his blog for more details.  His blog contains full details of what the workshop will cover [ read more ]

Photography Workshops in Brisbane

In my previous blog entry, I mentioned I would introduce the Brisbane photography workshops conducted by photographers David de Groot and Kane Gledhill. David and Kane have recently established a new Brisbane-based business venture called Grasstree Photography. One of Grasstree Photography's offerings is digital photography courses.  David and Kane are offering very affordable courses in [ read more ]

Photography Workshops in Sydney

I thought I would give some plugs to some photographer friends of mine who run excellent photography workshops covering both the theory and practice of great photography. The first is Brent Pearson, who has developed and run a series of successful seascape and night light painting workshops. I attended the first workshops Brent ran on both [ read more ]