Articles Published in 2012

Hitech 10-Stop ND Filter on Order

I have just ordered a Hitech Pro Stop 10-stop neutral-densty filter.  As its name indicates, it is a neutral-density filter which reduces the light intake by ten stops.  When fitted to a lens, the Pro Stop ten-stop filter reduces the light intake to about a thousandth of the light otherwise seen by the lens.  This [ continue reading ]

Cathedral Rocks... It Rocks!

This morning a couple of seascaping buddies and myself set out for Cathedral Rocks, a stunning patch of coastline off Kiama Downs on the NSW south coast.  The location, which has been on my 'must shoot' list for too long, consists of stunning volcanic rock formations, and its main feature, from which it gets its [ continue reading ]

Elgato Video Capture: Great Stuff

A few weeks ago I purchased Elgato Video Capture, a hardware and software package which allows computer-based digitising of video from analogue video sources such as VHS cameras and VCRs.  Some background: In 1999 I bought a VHS-C video camera, which I used on two overseas holidays and various social events.  For many years, the [ continue reading ]

Contrasting Conditions at Turimetta

Here are two vastly different images from the same dawn seascape shoot at Turimetta last Tuesday.  The first image above was taken shortly after arrival, and in the pre-dawn darkness, the moving water is abstracted to the point where its movement is almost invisible.  A sense of calm is evoked as the clump of seaweed [ continue reading ]

Turimetta Triumph

After some recent strong urges to return to seascaping, I jumped back in (figuratively and literally) this morning.  At 4:45am, I met Tony at Turimetta (a veritable 'Mecca' for seascape photographers) on Sydney's Northern Beaches, and we headed down to the famous Turimetta gorge on the southern end of the beach.  My original intention was to [ continue reading ]

560km Drive for a Windmill

Last Thursday, Dave, myself and our patient better halves headed out for a landscape photographic day trip in South-East Queensland, with the intention to shoot in the Bunya Mountains, followed by twilight and early evening at Lake Moogerah, many miles away.  Due to circumstances and dramatically changing weather (which basically foiled our plans for Lake [ continue reading ]