Articles Published in 2022

Removing GPS Information from Images

Modern cameras, including those built into smartphones, have the ability to record the GPS coordinates of the location at which an image was captured.  One of the features that I love about my Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is its in-built GPS receiver, which I enable when shooting.  I like to record the exact position [ continue reading ]

Intense Week in Sabi Sand

We are back in Johannesburg now after an intense and emotional seven-day wildlife photographic safari in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve, South Africa.  Every day in the African bush is different.  Every game drive is different.  Every trip is different.  No matter how many times we do this, it is always intense, exciting and enormously [ continue reading ]

Back in South Africa

After ten years, and a very long and tedious flight, we are back in South Africa.  Mario met us at the OR Tambo International Airport, and we headed to our hotel a short distance away in Boksburg.  We headed out for a good dinner of steak and wine, and then returned to our hotel, exhausted [ continue reading ]

Important Equipment Checks

We are in the process of preparing our equipment for another fantastic safari in South Africa.  In doing so, we discovered that one of the SD flash cards is corrupted and no longer usable.  It happens to be the largest of the SD cards that we have.  It still contained images from our last trip to [ continue reading ]

Judging Images in Competitions

Earlier this year, I was invited to a photography club as a guest judge to judge the club's open photography competition — a type of competition in which there is no set subject or theme.  Apart from the honour of being invited to judge a competition's images, it is also a challenging and interesting experience [ continue reading ]

Abundance of Wildlife in Africa

As we have recently booked a trip back to Africa — something that we wish to do as often as possible — we have started to get into 'the zone', which has resulted in us watching movies about or set in Africa, as well as African wildlife documentaries.  While watching one documentary over the weekend [ continue reading ]