Modern Sydney


This is a view of modern Sydney, the Sydney of 2018.

I felt the desire to return to Ballaarat Park in Pyrmont to photograph the beautiful Sydney skyline at twilight.

Ballaarat Park is a great location from which to photograph Sydney, and it is a familiar location; I photographed the skyline from here in late 2013.

At the time, the gigantic skyscrapers at Barangaroo were in their very early stages of construction, and there was no sign of their size or shape.

Now, Barangaroo's skyscrapers dominate the Sydney skyline as seen from the western side of the city, and make the distant Centrepoint Tower seem small by comparison.

It was great to return to Pyrmont to capture the wonders of the city at night.  A familiar place, but a new city.

Published on Thursday, 18th January, 2018.





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