Laburnum Steps


Mt Wilson is a location I have wanted to photograph for a few years, and while I had been once, the best time to visit is during autumn, when the leaves turn to intense colours of red, orange and yellow.

A weekend getaway to the Blue Mountains was planned for 12-13 May, 2018, and as the time for photographing Mt Wilson's autumn colours is very limited, a visit to this location was a must.

This is Laburnum Steps in Breenhold Gardens, a 45-hectare garden in the beautiful Blue Mountains.

I was fortunate to see some stunning autumnal colours, but based on other images I have seen, it does not look like it has reached the intensity exhibited during colder years.

I hope to return to Breenhold Gardens and capture this scene at its brilliant best.

Published on Sunday, 13th May, 2018.





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