Year of the Cheetah


During our most recent visit to Africa, the cheetah played a prominent role in our experience and our photography.

We have visited Africa three times now.

On the first visit to South Africa, we did not see a single cheetah.

On our second trip — our first to Kenya — we had one cheetah sighting of a mother and her four sub-adult cubs.

On our third trip — our second to Kenya — we were blessed with an abundance of cheetahs, and enjoyed the company of 12 individual cheetahs over seven sightings, two of which happened during the first day.

Here, pregnant female cheetah Kisaru surveys her territory near the Mara River as day becomes night.

Mario made the call to photograph silhouettes of Kisaru against the western sky, and it was a good call indeed.

There is no mistaking the distinctive shape of a cheetah silhouetted against the sky.

Published on Sunday, 30th June, 2019.





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