Lush Sabi


The Sabi Sand Game Reserve is a very diverse place in southern Africa, and during one game drive, we had a great view looking down towards a dense and lush area in the distance.

Combined with a moody sky, I thought that it would make for a good landscape image.

It is easy to see why this area is rich in wildlife, as there is a lot of vegetation, areas for shelter, and areas in which to hide.  The rains which the Sabi had experienced both before and during our time there had made the area very green, and it was not even the wet season yet.

Published on Saturday, 19th November, 2022.


Date Friday, 4th November, 2022
Time 6:59am
Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
Lens Canon EF 300mm f/2.8L IS USM
Focal Length 300mm
Aperture f/8
Shutter Speed 1/640th of a second
ISO 1,600
Exposure Mode Manual




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