Glock 35 in .357SIG


This is my Glock 35 in .357SIG.

Features include a longer barrel, longer sight radius, adjustable rear sight, extended slide and magazine releases and milled slide.

Lighting information:

1. Canon Speedlite 580EX II at 1/2 power and 50mm, positioned at 45 degrees camera right, diffused via a softbox and triggered with a PocketWizard PLUS II.

2. 80cm silver reflector dish placed at 140 degrees camera left.

I have not had much time or motivation for photography lately, but having recently acquired something new, and having found some time today, I decided to produce a still life image.

This is my latest pistol -- a Glock 35 converted to .357-calibre via a replacement after-market Lone Wolf .357SIG barrel.

The Glock 35 by default is a .40-calibre competition version of the Glock 22, with the former featuring a longer slide, barrel (135mm) and sight radius, an extended slide release and a larger magazine release.

For a few years I have pondered adding a Glock to my lineup. I have also been very interested in the .357SIG cartridge. I wanted a SIG P226S in .357SIG, but discovered that SIG no longer produces that model in that calibre; so, I combined my interest in Glocks with my interest in the .357SIG cartridge, and this Glock in .357SIG is the result.

Important notes:

1. I am licensed to possess and use this firearm and ammunition.

2. This firearm is not loaded.

Published on Wednesday, 7th August, 2013.




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