New Order - Blue Monday


The epic 1983 track "Blue Monday", by British band New Order, has been one of my favourite songs since I first heard it.

New Order, which evolved from Joy Division, was a pioneer in electronic dance music with this heavily synth-driven, pumping dance hit, which to this day remains the highest selling 12" single of all time.

As I have explored music producing using sequencing, this track was one that I had to re-create.

Musically, it is quite simple.  Written in the key of Dm, it is easy to play, but there is a lot going on, with many parts and many effects, coming and going at different times.  Additionally, the song is over seven minutes in length.

This combination of factors made song very time-consuming to produce, as I sequenced it by hand, with some parts and effects having been quite challenging.

The many hours I spent on "Blue Monday" were worthwhile, and I am happy with the result.

Published on Saturday, 30th October, 2021.



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